Kannur District Committee

The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has formed the Overseas Indian Cultural Congress (OICC). as the first step in bringing the various non-resident Indians of the state under one umbrella. Indian national cultural and arts society [INCAS] is the qatar chapter of OICC. The main object of the organization shall be to work for social economic welfare of Keralites abroad. Maintenance of friendly relation with the nationals of the foreign countries. Projecting the image of India and Kerala in the interest of proper understanding and doing all such acts that are conducive to the welfare of the Indian nationals abroad who are committed to the ideological views of Indian National Congress. Helping the Indians in distress and organize cultural activities to entertain them, especially malayalees.

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current Activities

ongoing Project

Help for Built Home

Incas Kannur District Commtitee is building a home in edayannur for a poor family

Quarterly Event

Blood Donation Camps

Incas Kannur District Committee is organizing Blood Donation Camps associated with Hamad Blood donor centre.

Other Social Activities

Social Activities

incas Kannur District Committee involved in many social Activities to help the poor students for education, food for the needy people, study equipments for poor students..etc.



Sreeraj MP

District Committee President

Jenit Job

District Committee General Secretary

Sanjay Ravindran

District Committee Treasurer